Our casting are utilized in dozens on applications and markets.
Casting Applications

  • Jobbing Castings from 1/2 lb. to 1000 lb.
  • Engineered Castings
  • Engineered Plumbing Castings
  • Automotive Aftermarket Castings
  • Aluminum Industry
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Machine Bases
  • Thermocouple Protection Tube Casting from 12 to 84 inches
  • Farm Implement Castings
  • Electric Motors
  • Electric Generators
  • Pump Castings
  • Power Transmission castings
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Valve Body Castings
  • Machine Tool Castings
  • Electrical Covers
  • Earnest Holmes Wrecker Replacement Castings

Customers: Just a few of the world class companies that have teamed up with Imperial for their casting needs:

J.R. Smith Ametek
General Electric Leroy Somer
John Blue Company Alcoa